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Mabanee Projects in Kuwait and the Region

Mabanee is implementing a number of projects in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, via partnership with prestigious companies in the Gulf.  The massive success of the Avenues –Kuwait, along with a clear business vision, were the driving force behind the initiation of similar projects across the region, projects that are due to be fully inaugurated within the next three years. In addition, Mabanee is negotiating other real-estate projects in the gulf and Arab countries.

The Avenues - Kuwait

The Avenues is the most modern architectural design created and managed by Mabanee Company K.P.S.C. It is considered to be the largest and the most-visited shopping and leisure destination in Kuwait and the region.

Comprised of multiple districts inspired by classical and modern architecture, The Avenues include: 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, Prestige, Grand Avenue, SoKu, The Mall, The Souk, and the new expansion; the Arcade, the Grand Plaza, Electra and the Forum

The Avenues manifested its dreams when His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Shaikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah, officially inaugurated the first Avenue in 2007. As the legacy continues, the second Avenue was then opened in 2008. The other districts, namely, Prestige, Grand Avenue, SoKu, The Mall, and The Souk were officially launched in 2012. Whereas the new expansion, with its four districts, was inaugurated in 2018.

A world-class architectural masterpiece, The Avenues is the new hub for international and local brands, ranging from popular retail stores to high end fashion brands, as well as exquisite cuisines and unique entertainment experiences.

The GLA of the Avenues is 360,000 square meters leasing over 1100 stores and a spacious multi-level parking lot with a capacity for 14,000 cars. Within the next 2 years, two hotels will be inaugurated, namely the Hilton Garden Inn housing 400 four-star rooms, and Waldorf Astoria with 200 five-star rooms.

The Avenues - Riyadh

With the commencement of construction works, The Avenues Riyadh is scheduled to inaugurate in 2022. The project is being executed by Shomoul Holding Company, a subsidiary of Mabanee Kuwait. The project, which is expected to become one of the largest commercial malls in the Middle East, is located at a prime position overlooking the intersection of King Salman Road and King Fahad Road and extends across 390,000 sq.m. with a leasable area of 400,000 sq.m. It will include multiple towers housing two 5- star and 4- star hotels and residential apartments, medical facilities, offices and a parking lot for 18,000 vehicles. The Avenues Riyadh will be the ultimate destination for shopping, entertainment and residence in Saudi Arabia.

The Avenues - Bahrain

The Avenues Bahrain, located in the heart of Manama, was inaugurated in 2017. The design is inspired by The Avenues – Kuwait, with a unique architecture overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It extends over a GLA of 40,000 comprised of several stores, restaurants and walkways, with a seafront stretching along 600 meters. The mall also encompasses entertainment areas such as cinemas and children’s play areas. The Avenues Bahrain is designed to attract the citizens in the first degree, as well as tourists from around the world and the Gulf region, particularly those who look for a unique shopping experience. The Avenues Bahrain will become a contributor to the growth of the country’s economy. The construction of the second phase is still under process and it forms an extension of the west part of the mall.

The Avenues - Khobar

The design of the Avenues – Khobar is currently in its final stages, and is expected to inaugurate in 2022. The Avenues- Khobar has been modeled around The Avenues -Kuwait in terms of design and components in a manner that suits the Eastern Province.

The project is located at the northwestern corner of the intersection of King Saudi Road with Prince Sultan Road. It extends across a gross leasable area of 180,000 sq.m. It is designed to comprise commercial and entertainment areas, residential apartments, hotels, offices and medical facilities.