Social Responsibility Policy

Mabanee company applies a policy to manage its social responsibilities, and work to provide the necessary support to the community to achieve long-term business and social benefits and ensure the continuity of the company's work in a way that reduces harmful effects on society and the environment. As the social responsibility policy refers to the continuous commitment by the company to act ethically, and to contribute to achieving sustainable development for society in general and for the company’s employees, through the activities and responsibilities implemented by the company, which may affect the community or the environment in which the company operates.

All works and activities carried out by the company must be compatible with the interests of society and sustainable development, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Mabanee is keen to achieve sustainable development for society in general, and in the following areas in particular:

1. Employees: Developing employees, achieving a healthy work environment and ensuring mutual communication between the company and its employees has a significant impact on enhancing the role of the company related to social responsibility.

2. Society: The company is committed to making a positive contribution to the society in which it operates.

3. Environment: The company recognizes that the environment is an essential component in terms of its social responsibility commitments, and therefore its positive contribution shall be guaranteed in relation to the environment.

Social Responsibility Policy